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Dr Rajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar Image taken by KM Veeresh

Tomorrow, April 12, marks the 11 years since the fateful day we lost Kannada legend Dr Rajkumar. The film Raajakumara which is celebrating huge success is a fitting tribute to the name and personality of Dr Rajkumar. The film embodies the real life humbleness and personality of the legend.

The audience is remembering Rajkumar and his humble life through this film. It is no surprise that people are feeling that Raajakumara is a Rajkumar film. They are not seeing Puneeth but Rajkumar in the character. That also explains why the film is getting a reverence and not just box office appeal.

The love for Rajkumar among the people goes beyond the love for his films. It encompasses his personality and life. It is the kind of life people have identified Rajkumar with. This essence has been captured by Santhosh Anandram is Raajakumara. The film has made people to forget that Rajkumar is not with us now. It has shown that his inspiration lives on.