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hebbuli predicted what modi did
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In a coincidence that is mind-blowing the film Hebbuli has actually predicted what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done in the last few months. There are two important things which the film shows and what the prime minister actually did. 

Firstly in the film Sudeep plays an Indian army paratrooper captain who along with special commandos conducts surgical strike inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir. This was what the Indian army did a few months ago after the Patankoth attacks by terrorists. Though the surgical strike by Indian army was done a few months ago the film was launched a year ago and the script was done before that. The dialogues in the movie about the motive of the surgical strike and said by the character played by Sudeep says is very close to what the Indian government also said. Director Krishna predicted it in the film very closely. 

Second is about prices of medicine. Last week the Indian government put a cap on the prices of stents used in heart operations. Earlier hospitals used to charge arbitrary rates running into Lakhs of Rupees. The government fixed the maximum price at Rs 30,000. In Hebbuli the main message is about medicine has become a business and poor people suffer. It gives an idea about how medicines can be given at a much lower price than it is being sold. It also shows why medicine prices are artificially kept high. To know more you should watch the film.

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