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One complaint against this Friday's big release Chowka is its length. The film is 2 hours and 48 minutes long. This has created some problems in theatres, especially for the second shows at night. In one theater in Bengaluru the late night show that was to start at 10 pm started at 10.45 pm because the three earlier shows had taken up much time. The show ended at 1.45 am causing inconvenience to audience.

This has prompted the film team to consider trimming the film by some 20 minutes. But cutting any scene without affecting the flow of the film was not possible. Therefore it has been decided to cut a fight scene involving Vijay Raghavendra and Prajwal Devaraj.

This is around 3-4 minutes. Also the title card which is 3.5 minutes long will be chopped. A few other such inconsequential scenes will be cut so that the film's length is reduced to 2 hours 30 minutes according to sources.

The film's Saturday collections have improved from Friday. Friday occupancy overall was 60 % which increased to 70% on Saturday and on Sunday it was 80%.

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