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CM Siddaramaiah at BIFFES

The Chief Minister on Thursday urged the people of Karnataka to watch more Kannada films and support the Kannada film industry. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was talking during the inauguration of the 09th BIFFES in front of Bangalore.

'Cinema is a powerful medium. The people must use this medium for awareness and good messages. Even the people must watch more Kannada films and support the industry. Earlier, there were very few films and artistes. But now the industry is churning out 180 films per year. Out of those films, how many quality films gets released is a matter to think' said the Chief Minister.

Before that, KCA president S V Rajendra Singh Babu and KFCC chairman Sa Ra Govindu urged the Chief Minister to resolve the multiplex issue, for which the Chief Minister said a meeting will be called soon, where the multiplex issue would be discussed in detail.

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