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Dandam Dashagunam producer A. Ganesh angrily reacted to Ramya's absence in the Dandam Dashagunam audio release function and said that the actress who has received full payment from his had played a spoil sport by deliberately ignoring his plea to attend the audio function organised at the Atria Hotel in Bengaluru. All the other important technicians had attended the function which also included the film's hero Chiranjeevi Sarja who was first to be present during the function.

Ganesh felt humiliated at the absence of Ramya and charged her with deliberately keeping off from the function for reasons best known to herself. "I dont want to underline the tensions I had to undergo because of her during the shooting time, but this has been the last straw. I am utterly disturbed with this development. I was planning to release the film on April first week and wanted to start off my promotional work immediately. But it has had a bad beginning' declared Ganesh.

Sharing the background of the incident with the entire media, Ganesh said that he had paid her full remuneration by taking a loan. "I am really angry with Ramya. She had demanded Rs. 32 lacs remuneration for the film. I had to pay some amount to her as dues. I went to Taj West Hotel on Monday evening with another well know film producer Munirathna to settle her dues. Then I requested her to attend the function because it was my first big promotional event before the release of the film. Even Munirathnam requested Ramya to make her presence in the audio release function as her remuneration has been paid in full. Ramya told me that she would attend the function. Though the audio release function was to have begun at 7.00 P.M, I had to delay the function by nearly 50 minutes because Ramya had not made it to the function till then. Then I had to start the function as the media and guests were pressurising me. I gave an introductory speech and came down from the rostrum and went on telephoning her all the time. She did not answer my calls. At 8.37 P.M. she took the telephone and told me that she was purchasing some furniture for her house and she would not be able to attend the function. I was so angry with her, but just banged my phone without telling anything' said Ganesh.

Mr. Basanth Kumar Patil who was also present as the Chief Guest also tried to contact Ramya several times through the telephone after the conclusion of the function. He had even sent a SMS telling that he had wanted to speak to her. But Ramya did not take the KFCC President's call for nearly an hour.

Chitraloka tried to get a reaction from Ramya, but as usual she was unavailable. We even tried to contact from Basanth's mobile, but as usual Ramya was unresponsive.

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