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chandu image
sudeep in fire during chandu shooting (pic by km veeresh)

After Darshan made a big hulla baloo about the neglect and non recognition of the services of his father Toogudeepa Sreenivas and others like Tiger Prabhakar, Sudhir, Dinesh and Sundara Krishna Urs a few days ago, it is Sudeep who has taken the poll on behalf of these talented artists.
Sudeep has tweeted recently that it is really disheartening to know that artists like Toogudeepa Sreenivas, Tiger Prabhakar, Dinesh, Sundara Krishna Urs and Sudhir who had contributed so much for the industry.
Writing in his face book and twitter pages, Sudeep has commented like this- "Sad tat legendary actrs like Dinesh, TugdeepSrinivas, Sudheer, SunderKrishna Aras n mny more names r frgottn by our industry on many occasions'
After getting a good number of comments for his observation, Sudeep has again tweeted like this Each of these legends hv dedicated their lives to our language n our films.....n yet they names r seldom taken, which has been followed by another tweet.
Thanks to th ppl cz of whom events happen in the names of these legends, keepin their name alive n believing tat these too were our heroes. Why Sudeep chose to rake up this issue again. Is it because his bond of friendship with Tarun Sudhir is very strong and he also want to send a message to his friend Darshan that he is also joining the crusade against the deliberate act of the KFCC to ignore these legendary artists. Sudeep has tweeted Th last time I did a fire fight ws in Chandhu (2002),horibl experience.
Doin it nw aftr mny years fr Vishnuvardhana..stil feel th same bout it.