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sunder gowda gets bail
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Sundar, the producer of Mastigudi, has finally obtained bail from the High Court of Karnataka on Thursday evening. Sundar is a close friend of Duniya Vijay and had earlier produced the film Jackson with him.

Accidents During Shooting not Uncommon – But Mastigudi Is Negligence - KM Veeresh Writes

Though Sundar had no role in the actual shooting of the film and the accident which resulted in the deaths of actors Uday and Anil, he was made one of the accused by the police as he was the producer. The entire film industry stood by Sundar on the issue and extended support to him. For no mistake of his, the producer spent over a month in jail.

Anil And Uday Still Missing; Sundar Arrested

Even stunt master Ravi Verma and director of the film Nagashekar got bail and came out of custody before the producer. Sundar's job was to adjust finance for the film as a producer. He was not involved in the day-to-day activities during shooting. This is taken care of by the experts in each department like director, stunt master, choreographer etc. The producer has no creative licence to make actors do what he wants. Even though he had paid all the money demanded by the technicians for safety measures, he had to suffer by going to jail.

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