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A new film Sikka Patte Ishta Patte which was launched in Bengaluru had obviously raised doubts in the minds of Journalists whether it was a project aimed at hoisting a dubbed version on the unsuspecting and hapless Kannada audience. The reason for such doubts was presence of Namitha and other glamorous multilingual actresses like Kiran Rathod, Meghana Naidu and Keerthi Chawla. Recently a film like Namitha I Love you which was released a week ago had shocked the media critics as there were many sequences in the film which was originally shot for the Telugu film with the same title, but which had been included in the Kannada film after the Voice dubbing work done separately.

However, the people connected to the film including producer Manoharan and director Hari Rajan besides many Kannada film technicians like cinematographer JG Krishna and Actor Ravindranath who members of anti dubbing committee of the KFCC are denied any such attempts on their part. They declared that Sikkapatte Ishtapatte is a straight film in Kannada which may be in the due course dubbed to Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages to enable the project to strengthen its financial viability.

The story of the film relates to five talented talented touch up boys working for five top heroines becoming heroes because of the support they receive from a gold hearted producers. But the leading ladies refuse to work with the makeup men telling that they cannot work with their own touch up boys. The five talented youngsters decide to kidnap the leading ladies and take them to forest. Then the Police are in hunt of these kidnappers. Namitha who wants to do more action oriented roles now is playing the role of a Police officer in the film.

Namitha was not present in the press meet. However the other leading ladies like Kiran, Meghana, Arati (actress Tavare has changed her name now), Keerthi Chawla and Shivani. The film will be shot in Forest area belonging to Karnataka area near Hognekal Falls.

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