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what celebrities have to say about anil and uday's death

Kannada film industry is literally shocked by the death of Anil and Uday. Here's what the celebrities have to speak about the death of Anil and Uday.

Sudeep: Very upsetting to hear that demise of #anil&uday.. Anil worked wth me in Hebbuli..Silent n a very hard worker.. really sad. RIP

Vedika: Deeply disturbed to hear about the demise of Kannada actors #Uday&Anil during a stunt. Strength to their families.

Vidya Srimurali: Its unforgivable tat v had 2 learn about simple safety measures aftr such an unfortunate incident.devastated,angry,ashamed.

Sumalatha Ambarish: y ws this risk taken when they knew they cldnt swim ? Hrtbreakng to see the parents grief,this tragedy shows the poor safety measures taken

Priyanka Upendra: Deeply saddend and shocked to hear about the demise of Anil and Uday.May their souls rest in peace. Our prayers are with their loved ones.

Samyukta Hornad: Rest in peace Anil and Uday. You are in a better place now, keep smiling down on us... 

Prakash Raj: I knew these vibrant young dreamers..depressing to know how our working practice is irresponsible .. insensitive  RIP

Nirup Bhandari: Extremely saddened by the demise of Uday and Anil. May their souls be at peace. My heartfelt sympathies to their families.

Aditya: nothing is more precious than life...mistake is a mistake...and todays loss to the boys families r irreplaceable !!

Hemanth M Rao: This is extremely depressing. So sad to hear about the demise of two young actors. May your souls rest in peace ANIL & UDAY. :(

Divya Spandana: Regardless of whether you are the lead actor or not, every crew member must be safeguarded- The Kannada film industry must make it a rule.

Rahul: Uncertainty of Life couldn't hit harder!!deeply saddened by the way we lost precious life!RIP #uday and #anil.

Vasishta Simha: Highly saddening.. dis shudnt hv hapnd.. We miss u Uday n Anil..

Upendra: With unforgettable bitterness of your demise taught the whole industry a lesson about the safety, planning and respect for life in shooting

Sharmiela Mandre: RIP Uday and Anil . But it's hard to believe why no safety precautions were taken . Negligence ??

Darshan Thoogudeepa: It was like a death in the Family. It's totally depressing and Shocking. R.I.P. Deepest Condolences to #RaghavaUday & #Anil Families.

Srimurali: Unfortunate incident,grief stricken.my heart goes out to the family and friends of Anil and Uday... rest in peace

Manohar Joshi: Very saddening is the death news of Uday and Anil. Their death should not go in vain and people filming stunt.

Ragini Dwivedi: Extremely devastated about the news of these boys.. loss of life Due to irresponsibility or complacency... depressing ....

Akul Balaji: Prayers for the families of Anil & Uday. It's really unfortunate that their lives were shortened by an unfathomable mishap! RIP brothers