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En Nin Problem
Century Gowda and Gaddappa

The trailer of 'Tarle Village' starring Century Gowda, Gaddappa, Tammanna of 'Thithi' fame is making a lot of news in the recent days. Meanwhile, Century Gowda and Gaddappa have silently completed a new film called 'En Nin Problem'.

'En Nin Problem' is derived from the very famous dialogue in the film 'Thithi'. Now director 'Gaali' Lucky has kept the title for a new film starring Century Gowda, Gaddappa and Abhi. The film has already been shot and will be released in the month of November. Meanwhile, Lucky plans to release the trailer of the film by next week.

'En Nin Problem' has Senthil as the cameraman. Playback singer Naveen Sajju has turned music composer with this film.