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celebrities appeal to maintain peace
celebrities appeal to maintain peace

Many celebrities of Sandalwood including Yash, Rakshith Shetty and others have appealed to people through their tweets and face book messages to not only maintain peace and to maintain law and order.

Here is what the celebrities have to say regarding maintaining peace.

Yash: Let us not allow fringe elements to hijack our peaceful fight towards our rightful sharege of #Cauvery waters.

Rakshith Shetty: Love everyone, give up hatred, Know that we all are one. A part of the Universal body. Do not loose your innocence. Grow your soul.

Meghana Raj: It's like burning down ur own house cause der is no water in de kitchen rather dan contacting water supply #CauveryProtests.

Prakash Rai: Let's seek justice ... But not with such inhuman violence, It's painful to see children terrified. Peace Pleasssss.

Vasishta Simha: Vandalism, Violence, Bullying, Trolling them, burning buses, tires..!! Is this the way to resolve d #Cauveryissue??

Akul Balaji: Let the governments handle this , they are witnessing our pain #Cauvery Nammadu, bring peace back to #NammaBengaluru.