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Actor Harish Raj who has taken an unusual step of attempting to suicide in protest against the attitude of Santhosh Theatre owner Aswatha Narayan and distributor Ajay Chandani who has been responsible for providing films for Santhosh theatre has stabbed a police constable on duty who tried to control him, says ACP Lokeshwar. The constable is now admitted to Victoria Hospital for treatment. It looks as if Harish Raj's arrest is imminent as he has attacked a police man with a knife in his hand.

Harish Raj's dramatic effort to capture the attention of the people or to gain some sympathy through a unethical act has ended as a big joke in the industry. Harish Raj says that he had paid an advance of Rs. 5 lacs for the theatre to sustain the film. How can he say that audience are backing up this film when he and the producer of the film have given Rs. 5 lacs as advance and the weekly collections have not crossed the rent.

Even Harish Raj's antics in the Channel interviews did not hold water as most of the arguments were untenable and unsustainable. He was holding on to the argument that Ashwathanarayan had told him that his film was not admired by family audience had indeed hurt him. But facts are sacrosanct and this has to be borne in mind by Harish Raj. Harish Raj looked like a terribly frustrated person. His frustration is understandable because despite his efforts to reach out people has not brought him desired results. But unfortunately he does not understand the reality of the situation. When he wants to give advance of Rs. 5 lacs to a theatre and wants to run his film, it is really a tragedy.

Finally Gun movie producer Murali was completely upset has come to a decision to stop the movie and told he will re-release the movie later.