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Kannada film actress Priya Hassan may not be single. Such doubts may exist atleast to some of her friends in her Networking site Face Book or other FB browsers. Priya Hassan says that she is in a complicated relationship with Smart Veeru. Who is Smart Veeru? Go and search in Smart Veeru's face book and you will find some interesting details. Smart Veeru has completed his studies. He had studied at Manasa Junior College - Lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Even in his face book profile he says that he is In a complicated relationship with Priya Hasan From Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

What is a complicated relationship?

According to website answers.com, a complicated relationship is defined as under. For many people, you see one person. You're with one person whom you like or love and only have emotional and physical relationships with them. A complicated relationship may not easily be defined. It may not fit into the standard definition of relationships. It may involve unusual feelings or behaviours.

However Priya Hassan says that she is unaware about Smart Veeru and may be he is one of her fans. "My face book page is maintained by my office staff. Frankly I have not yet seen Smart Veeru' says Priya Hassan.