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chitraloka 17 years birthday
chitraloka editor km veeresh

Today, Chitraloka.Com, the first web portal completely dedicated to Kannada film news celebrates its 17th birthday. It has been a wonderful journey showcasing Kannada films, the stars of the industry, the technicians who shaped it and the way these films impacted the Kannada life and culture.

Chitraloka started its journey when there was very little awareness of the Internet and how it would affect and shape the information delivery and publicity of films. There was no Facebook or Twitter either! Some websites would carry a few news about Kannada films but that was it. Chitraloka revolutionised this scenario by becoming the first portal for Kannada films.


During the course of these 17 years, there have been many changes to Chitraloka. The largest repository of Kannada film news and Kannada film photographs are with Chitraloka. To give Kannada audience a real insight into the film industry and its personalities, Chitraloka has strived to present its unbiased news, views and reports.

Chitraloka 15th Year Celebration Images - View

Today you can see a new layout of the portal which gives much more easy access to information and our large database. On July 3, Chitraloka will launch its mobile apps, further strengthning the bond between the film industry and its audience.

Chitraloka is a Friend of The Industry - Dr Jayamala

Last year, Chitraloka also ventured into producing Kannada films and produced the film 'Actor' starring Naveen Krishna. This will be a continued effort and Chitraloka will be producing one or two Kannada films every year henceforth.

On this occasion when Chitraloka celebrates its birthday, a sincere thanks to all writers, photographers, sources and especially our web-design team and a special thanks to Me Somu, who maintains the site.

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