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jigarthanda, run anthony image
jigarthanda, run anthony image

With a high budget film like Darshan starrer 'Jaggu Dada' releasing many of the makers are now waiting to release their films in the coming weeks. This week three films are getting released, while the 24th of June witness R Chandru's 'Lakshmana', Rahul's 'Jigar Thanda', Manish's 'Naani', Karthik's 'Akshathe' getting released.

Vinay Rajakumar's second film 'Run Antony' will be releasing in the first week of July followed by films like Shivarajakumar's 'Kabira', Sudeep's 'Kotigobba 2' and other films.

Of these films, 'Lakshmana', 'Jigar Thanda',  'Run Antony', 'Kabira', 'Kotigobba 2' and others have created a lot of hype and much expectations are pinned on these films.