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jaggu dada movie image
jaggu dada movie image

Actor Darshan has said that his latest film Jaggu Dada which is all set to release on Friday is an easy going film with lots of entertainment ingredients. Darshan was talking during the press conference of the film in Mysore.

'Usually people say that my films are heavy with lot of action, shots, build-ups and dialogues. But this film is completely different. There are only four action sequences and songs in the film. This is a complete family entertainer and everybody can enjoy the film' said Darshan.

Darshan also said that the trend of 100 days over. 'Earlier, a film was considered to be a hit depending on how  many days it completes. But now the trend has changed. Earlier, the films used to be released in a limited number of theaters. But now films are being released in 200 plus theaters. So, it is being considered that the film is successful, even it runs for a week' said Darshan.