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The months of March and April two years ago was a scary one for the Kannada film industry and the fans of Rebel Star Ambareesh. He had been hospitalised in Bengaluru and then shifted to Singapore for special treatment. 

The fact that he had to be shifted to Singapore was itself a cause for alarm! His condition was not so serious but he was shifted to Singapore Mount Elizabeth hospital since his fans was always near the hospital and their tension created panic to others. Ambareesh was flown to Singapore all his fans went into prayers. 

As days passed and there was not enough information coming by everyone was desperate. Finally Ambareesh himself announced that he had recovered and would be flying home soon. There was much relief among fans. 

Chitraloka.Com has chronicled how its editor KM Veeresh went to Malaysia where Ambareesh was staying and recovering after being discharged from the Singapore hospital. He also flew back to Bengaluru in the same flight with Ambareesh.

Those few weeks was really scary for the film industry. Ambareesh was the only person to whom everyone went to in times of crisis. Be it actors, producers or directors or even film workers, everyone knew it was only Ambareesh who could solve any problem. He was the person to look up to. Everyone prayed for him. All their prayers and good wishes saw Ambi return safely.

Even in political circles, Ambareesh's health was a cause for concern. He was and still is the housing minister of Karnataka. He commanded great respect. His voice was the final in Mandya politics. The government stepped in to finance his treatment.

Two years later Ambareesh is stronger than ever. He is more active than before and working tirelessly in his ministry.

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