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You can never imagine that our favourite Century Star has completed 25 years of his married life after looking at him personally and browsing the stills of his newer films. Well, Shivanna is looking younger and fresher now than in the films that featured him a decade ago. Continuous efforts to have an energy filled look and focus on getting a fresh image all the time, Shivanna has proved to be the most dependable actor for a varied type of roles.
Today Shivanna completes 25 years of his married life. On 19th May 1986 he was married to the then Geetha, daughter of big time politician S.Bangarappa. The audio CD of his 100th film Jogayya is being released today amidst a big fan fare. It is futile to think anything conected to Shivanna without remembering Geethakka (as she is affectionately called in the industry) who has lent a big support to the actor who always concentrates on his performance. Geethakka has always added lot of strength to Shivanna's career by providing advise to many producers who sign the actor and also has been responsible for sustaining a big support for the actor in the industry. She is always a low profile woman, but has been a big supporter to Shivanna and her two loving daughters.
Shivanna has always acknowledged Geethakka's support in strengthening his career and keeping a confirtable degree of harmoniousness in his family life. Infact if you look at the family life of many actors, the most cordial family couples have been Shivaraj Kumar and his friends like Ramesh Arvind and Ravichandran. While Shivaraj Kumar has followed his father Dr. Raj Kumar and uncle Varadappa in this respect, he himself has been a model to many youngsters who are lucky enough to have a harmonious family like him. Puneet Raj Kumar and Kitty are the best examples.