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All the trouble in the world seems to have gathered around Huchcha Venkat. Is it his own doing? Was it avoidable? Is his eccentric behaviour a boon or bane to him? Whatever the case may be, is it possible to become a star with just such behaviour. In this open letter by a public relations expert, some of these aspects are explored. The views expressed in the letter are of the PR expert Prashanth Sambargi and necessarily not that of Chitraloka.com - Editor

Dear Huchcha Venkat ,

Venkat, you really need a PR Guru, a cool PR maverick to handle an eccentric maverick like you.

You have not enchased your fame, to long term fame and brand called “Huchcha Venkat”.

Your over expose on TV, no control on your boneless tongue, speaking on mutiple TV channels without preparation and content,   this will bring doom to you. My Advice to you go underground, not reachable, incognito. Later Rise like a brand later with a media plan and PR Guru in backdrop to take on your adversaries.

Being in marketing and brand strategic consultation business  for the last 15 years, I liked only two of your classic moves, proposing to actor Ramya on news paper and your sudden  outburst on TV after your film flopped. But all your other moves were just crap and unwarranted,  they just diluted your infamous image to nonsense guy image. You Just lost a chance to establish a celebrity cult figure

Your need a class PR guru,  a brain to seed information in the media, who has thorough knowledge and has the real  Exposure in the entertainment domain and the communications business, with Artiste Management agency. 

Venkat , Your shelf life is between three and six months only, and you need to establish your brand within a very short span of time,” but you failed.

Let me give a case study of my initial work post Aishwarya Kannada film with Bollywood actress Deepaika Padukone,   despite negative reviews of her movies and she was in the midst of a series of flops at that time, but in the eyes of her PR representatives (and the media that bought the line), she was the future No. 1, Padukone, the reigning queen of the box office.

Different subjects require different approaches Venkat, go find a good PR consultant.  Actor Sudeep has many PR Consultants for your kind information.

Wishing you good luck, and with Warm regards,

Prashanth Sambargi