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Golden Star Ganesh and Bhama starrer Shyloo directed by S. Narayan will be releasing in lesser number of theatres than what has been the current practice of  releasing star studded films in more number of theatres around the state.  This information was disclosed by the film's producer K. Manju in the pre release press conference held on Monday evening.

"I am not following the present trend of releasing my film in more number of theatres.  I know the action oriented films would be a big draw in its first week, but later on it will slowly show a drop in collections.   A film like Shyloo which is essentially strong in its emotional and  feel  content should consolidate in a small number of theatres and then achieve a big success. I am pretty confident of Shyloo. I am sure that the film work out very well.   Ganesh and S.Narayan combination had worked very well in Cheluvina Chiththaara which ran very well all around.  I am getting extra ordinary prices for the film from distributors, but I am not interested to sell it' says Manju.

Golden Star Ganesh who addressed the press meet said working in a film like Shyloo was an experience in itself.   'At no point of time during the shooting I was not able  to keep away the hangover of the character I was playing.   S.Narayan was very much helpful.  Shooting in the Munar terrains was difficult, but all the hard work is worth it because the film has shaped up very well.  I  dont carry any anxiety about the film as I am sure of the big success of this film with the audience' says Ganesh.  Ganesh says that every film watcher will feel sorry for the lead characters as their plight is sure to touch his heart.

Director S.Narayan was not present.   However the film's heroine Bhama,  actor Suchayeendra Prasad and Suresh Chandra were present to share their experiences.