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When it comes about movie they say ‘an actor has no such barriers of language, state, cast-creed etc.’ this may sound very friendly and a promising. But when it comes to ‘Cinema marketing’ there is no compromising of any such barriers. We judge the story; we read the movie reviews and decide not to watch. We might like the hero or hate him because he chose such story. And finally for heaven sake if it’s a new comer, it’s end of the story. We do not encourage them at all! Now-a-days Audience is changing. They are capable of choosing the right movie. We cannot blame them anymore for not going after Kannada movies. How big is our Kannada cinema industry or let’s talk about the Kannada cinema marketing. How many of our producers think of taking the movies to National or International level? Or how many Directors think of setting a trend instead of following the one single ‘hit formula’?! There was a time ages ago, people like Dileep Kimar, Shashi kapoor, RajKapoor, Madhubala, N.T.R, Nagarjuna, Ashabhosle wanted to be part of Kannada movies.

Imagine the cinema marketing then. Movies were shot in Kannada first and dubbed into the other regional languages. As time changes everything else’s’ was expected to be changed in a better way. But this is completely vice versa. We have audience, who’s no longer interested in Kannada movies. Since the domination of Multiplexes and malls, we have lost hundreds of Kannada theaters. And our Film chamber is allowing more theatre permissions for other language cinemas than the Kannada movies. (Since CCI Threat!)

Hyderabad had the gunnies world record for having more than 800 Cinema theaters in one city! If you cross each road in Hyderabad has minimum of 5 to 6 theaters! The ticket fare starts from 10 bucks. And the highest is 200 rupees. The ticket fare remains the same even during weekends, irrespective of multiplex shows. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new comer movie or a super starrer one. People equally encourage every movie over there.

Coming to Hindi cinemas, for example if it’s a Super star Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, we all know what will be the weekend box office collection. I hope we all are aware that no north Indian theaters runs one single Kannada movie show till date.  

Malayali film industry is smaller than you can even think of. But their success is larger than we can talk. Tamil, they literally do not encourage other regional languages other than Tamil! What we have to observe here is we have to understand their marketing strategy. They feel and treat people and each other as their own brothers and respect their language. All these industry people have their own understanding. They help each other movie. If there is any problem they support each other. They compromise release dates. They support each other movie, irrespective of Super star or new comer. They value the movies. Good, bad they watch and decide. They might have egos, but they never fight with each other in public. Every senior actor/actress is respected in their own way. They think of movies as marketing wise as well. They understand their people nativity and do movies accordingly. For example, Telugu people value sentiments, Hindi Entertainment, Tamil action and Malayali Nativity and story. If there is such crisis, they all plan together and make sure it works out for everyone’s best equally. 

So far in Kannada industry nobody has set such example. The glorious days ended as soon as the Legendaries like Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Vishnuvardhana gone. All we have is still the same hero playing the same role for ages now. Or a retired heroine from other industry playing lead in Kannada movie. And the movie makers, they either follow the same trend or soon give up. If one remake movie gets a box office collection, then we see ten more being remade! If one love story clicks, we immediately see 100 of love story movies on line. And only English, Hindi, Telugu or Tamil movies will be making to the big multiplex! And who said watching your own language movie in theaters is an insult?! It’s like you feel ashamed to know about your own mother! Those advance booking for Kannada movies days are gone. 

We have channels and Press who decides and judge the Kannada movies, while shooting still in progress! And as industry people, we see actors having egos, no compromises nor understanding with each other. All the good stories go to the main leads and the new comer movies are being judged before it releases! Where is the equality here or the marketing? Or we have none supporting each other. The same hero gets to play the same story and wins over and over. Or the art/award movies gets award and never make it to the theaters. Whom should we blame here? The actors who never give up their egos? Or the Producers, who fear to make movies big? Or the audience who judge movies and never try to make a difference? If this continues, have anyone thought about the status of the Kannada films in the next five years. We hope and pray this reaches to the right people and they do give up such mindsets and focus towards positive growth of the Kannada Film industry. It might be money end of the day. But sometimes a better understanding and a better planning leads towards everyone’s success. 

We need actors, producers and Directors who can think at large along with personal growth. After all we all are brotherhood with same blood from same land. 

(Article by Saraswathi)