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Actor-director Upendra has decide to take legal action against the people who not only accused Upendra saying that he has stolen the story 'Uppi 2', but also the people who showcased it without knowing the truth.

Recently, Upendra was accused of stealing a story. This is not the first time that Upendra has been facing such charges. Even during the release of 'Super' and 'Katariveera Surasundarangi', Upendra was accused of plagiarism. Upendra who is tired of facing such allegations has decided to put an end to all this and has decided to take legal action against not only the people who accused him of plagiarism, but also the people who showcased it.

'For the last few years, this has been repeating. I started this film two years back and people who accuse me of plagiarism was silent till now and as the film is getting ready for release, they have started accusing me of plagiarism. It's enough. I have already filed a complaint against the people who have accused me of plagiarism. I will take legal action for damaging my reputation' says Upendra.