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The promotions and release of the Kannada film Sathyananda produced and directed by Madan Patel has been stayed by an order in City Civil Court. The plaintiff  Swamy Nithyananda hd petititioned the court that the film had contained many references to his life  including some real and imaginery incidents about him. He had also produced some evidences in support of his argument which included the note on the wall of  Madan Patel's face book page where he had requested his friends to give him informtion about all the complaints relating to Swamy Nithyananda.

Though Madan Patel had claimed that his film "Sathyananda' has nothing to do with the life of  Swami Nithyananda, the court did not accept his argument as the Swami had produced documents which contradicted the claims.

Yesterday, Madan Patel had told the press that he has been receiving threatening calls from Vishwa Hindu Parishath.