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Actress Sona and S.P.B.Charan who is the son of  well known singer S.P.Balasubramanyam  are in loggerheads over sexist  insinuations. Sona and S.P.B.Charan have acted in Kannada films like "Nam Yejamaanaru' directed by Nagabharana and  Hudugigaagi respectively have now been in focus for a controversy.  Sona Heiden earlier known as Sona had filed a police complaint against  S.P.B.Charan,  singer, actor, anchor and producer for sexual abuse.

S.P.B.Charan who has produced successful Tamil films like "Mazhai' and "Chennai 600028" has now sent a legal notice to the actress and is intending to file a defamation suit against her.

Sona Heiden who  has now become an item girl had alleged that SPB Charan, abused her at a private party.  The problem is that she does not have the support of  proper witnesses to prove her charges against him.  The case seems to be going a S.P.B. Charan way.  .

SPB Charan's  legal counsels aruge that Sona Heiden can not be dependable as she has been  changing her  versions  regarding sexist abuse practically every day. . The advocate alleges that the whole frame up is designed for some publicity gain for the actress who is losing her demand in the industry.   .

Sources said that actress Sona is unhappy over some failed  business attempts to make a film.   Sona was supposed to produce a film with Venkat Prabhu and she could not produce and complete the film due to financial reasons. Charan was about to take up that project and wanted to proceed with Venkat Prabhu. 'Sona was asked to agree to a settlement as Charan wanted to produce the movie. But she was not willing. This business dispute is the real motive behind her false complaint.