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For the first-time in its 31-year-histroy, the Kannada Film Directors Association (KANFIDA) has dissolved its elected committee. PH Vishwanath will continue as its caretaker president and new elections will be held within three months. A special general body meeting of the body took this decision today after a marathon meeting. As per the election PH Vishwanath and team was supposed to continue till September 2016.

The crisis in the KANFIDA started a few months ago with opposition to PH Vishwanath who was elected president in the last election. Some members removed him from the post alleging his style of functioning was not right. The crisis was unprecedented as such a situation where the president was removed by other members has never happened before. B Ramamurthy was installed as president in his place.

In the meeting on Sunday, Vishwanath gave his version and explanation regarding the whole issue. More than 100 film directors attended the meeting. It was decided that Vishwanath will continue as the caretaker president but the elected committee itself was dissolved.

KV Raju, Bhagwan, Shivaram, MS Ramesh and Naganna were appointed the members of caretaker committee by the special general body. KANFIDA was originally registered on 4th June, 1984.