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Darshan's arrest by the Karnataka Police  and  his subsequent placement in Jail after his bail plea was rejeced by Hon Judge is not an isolated incident as for as Kannada film industry is concerned. There are many cases of such a nature which can be found in the neighbouring film industries, but  Darshan's incident has gained major attention mainly because he was a top star of the Kannada film industry.

Meanwhile, sources have also revealed that it is not the first time that the marital discord between Darshan and his wife Ms. Vijayalakshmi had become a topic of public discussion.  Even earlier Vijayalakshmi had complained to  Police about  Darshan's attrocities in the Cubbon Park Police station.  But  this complaint did not get registered as  Darshan had also arrived at that time and the Police officers counselled the couple to get united and sink their differences.

 Sources also said that  Vijayalakshmi had even gone to  Shivaraj Kumar's house to  complain against high handed behaviour of her husband.  Even then the issue did not get major attention as Shivaraj Kumar counselled the couple.

Will Darshan mend his ways in the future.   The experiences he encountered on Friday and the later developments when Police shifted him to Parappana Agrahaara should have  certainly  mellowed him.  And he is sure to introspect his high handed actions for a while which should give him an opportunity to reform himself.  Let us hope that the Challenging Star who is certainly the Sultan of huge openings in the Kannada film industry would open a new chapter in his life and become a darling to a large number of  fans.  He has been liked by so many people in the Kannada film industry that  he should certainly show the eagerness to change his attitude and behaviour.   It is also better for him to  be counselled by some well known psychiatrists.

The spiritual wealth of  the country can also show some way to Darshan take this challenge head on and carve a new path of  reform.