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km veeresh with ambareesh at malaysia

Exactly one year to this date, Rebel Star Ambareesh returned to Bengaluru from Malaysia after treatment treatment in Singapore. It was a momentous occasion for his legions of fans and supporters in Karnataka. For over a month Ambareesh was under treatment in Bengaluru and Singapore. Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh visited him in Malaysia and was the only journalist from Karnataka who visited him there. He came back with Ambareesh to Bengaluru on the same flight after spending a day there and attending the send off party organised by the Rebel Star's Malaysian friends.

One year later a lot has changed in Karnataka politics and film industry. The biggest change is in Ambareesh. He has bounced back like no one else can. He has quit both smoking and drinking. His activities as the housing minister will put to shame a teenager. No one will believe he was in hospital under intense treatment just a year ago.

His commitment to work is legendary. Just days after returning from treatment he completed his portion for the film Ambareesha. He did not want the film makers to suffer because of his 2-3 days of schedule. After that he has plunged into his ministerial work so much rigour that political circles are calling him the next CM candidate. Chitraloka is proud to chronicle this legend's career.

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