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The audio album of  Yogaraj Bhat directed Paramathma which has Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar in the lead was officially released in a colourful stylishly organised function on Wednesday night at Le Merideen function.  Except for the film's heroine Aindrita Ray who had to fulfill of  her commitment of  participating in a Ad shoot outside Bengaluru, all the others in the team including director Soori who had lent support in creating  a special set for the film were present in the function.  As usual it was the Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar,  Yogaraj Bhat and music director Hari Krishna combination that is creating history with each film starting from Raam was the much spoken point during the audio release function.  It was Raghavendra Raj Kumar who released the audio of the film in this official function.   

But the whole function had an element of  humour too when  Raghavendra Raj Kumar referred to the Ban orders though he did not underline the details of the incident.  Yogaraj Bhat, actor  Rangayana Raghu and director Soori's  speech was laced with lot of humour. Bhat who normally speaks very less about his films  went on to make a big speech highlighting the commitment shown by each artist and technicians of the film and also high energy levels shown by the Power Star during the shooting.

Chitraloka is also giving below the audio review of  Paramathma done by Karthick,  a software enginner who is  one big fan of Kannada films.  Clearly Karthick feels that Paramathma has all the top mucical ingredients to make it  to the top of  the charts.   

Parmaathma audio review:

The much awaited audio release of  Yogaraj Bhat's  Paramathma featuring the Power Star has created big waves in the market as well as among Kannada film fans.  The audio  hit the markets on September 12th. This was the much awaited audio for many reasons, the main one being the combination of Yogaraj Bhat and Appu. These two talented persons  are the best in KFI in their  respective  creative departments.  Every Kannada film fan was  curious to decide about   the output  of the audio  when these two main pillars of the Kannada film industry  join hands with another trend setter Hari Krishna.   The bottom line is that  the result is infact exceeded everyone's expectations. Bhat once again joining hands with  Harikrishna after Gaalipata gives another super duper album consisting of some superb sounding and extraordinary lyrics. Let us evaluate the strength of  each song at a time.

Yenu Maadodhu:   This song is the pick of the album. It has lyrics which are funny and lines sound more of a dialogue. The song is comical and will easily be on everyone's tongues in just  a few  days. What is more interesting is that everyone will start writing their own lyrics keeping the catchy line YAAVANIGE GOTHU as it happened in the case of  Bhatru's  Lifeu Ishtene and galu song.   This is the power of Bhat. What he does is he writes lyrics those are easily connected by the audience and listeners. He has that power and he has executed it perfectly once again. Tippu has done an extraordinaru job after the hugely popular  SHIVA ANTHA HOGUTHIDHE. The english rap in the middle is also good and also the music interludes in the between are perfect for Puneeth's ultimate  dance moves. Bhat and Harikrishna have kept all this in mind before churning out this extraordinary track. Individual rating would be a clean 5 on 5.

Paravasha Vaadhenu: A Classic melody by Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam making noise is also soothing to the ears and when he sings such a musical number. What more can a music lover ask for.  This is another melody number which will stay in minds of people for years together. The lyrics by Jayanth Kaikini sir  adds more impetus and gives that lovely feel that  makes you get lost in the song. The silence effect  after hearing  the song  would be deafening that that experience should bring you back from that fantasy world. Such is the power of Kaikini's lyrics. The guitar bits used in the middle of the song is just a big WOW to Harikrishna. He renders another chartbuster. Wonder how much melodious number this guy has left in him. The words like "kanasalli tumba kettuvenu ninnanu keladhe" and "sahavaasa doshadhindha sariyaagabohudu naanu" are superb. Another song which gets full marks. 5/5

Kathlali Karadinu: This is more of a Yakshagana folk song. This has less music and more of singing and Bhat's humorous lyrics is super fun to listen. Bhat talks about women and what happens if a man goes behind them. He tells about not to have a women on each side of yours and describes a woman in a very jovial way. I am sure both Boys and girls,   Men and Women  will equally  love this song. Lyrics are too good and in one way sort of which imbibes facts humorously. For Ex: Bhat Writes "Bennalli Hunnanthe First Love..Yaamaradhri Henganthe Malkondre Novvu..Keryokke Hunondhu irbeku ree" Funny but if u relate to what yograj Bhat is telling in this, its cent percent right. HariKrishna rendering this song himself in folkish style makes the song to be listened again and again. 4.5/5

Hesaru Poorthi Heladhe: This infact is a killer melody by Yograj Bhat and Harikrishna. The song may not impress many at the first listening but trust me this is going to be one which will haunt many after they watch the film. Yograj Bhat can write some hard hitting lyrics the same way he writes the hilarious stuff. Lines like " Naguthidhe nadhividhu yaake noduthidhe Nannanu..Hrudayavu hedaruthidhe yaake Bayasuvudhu Ninnane" have to be applauded every time you hear it. These are the ones which will make you think deeper and deeper and that is when you will love the song. Vani Harikrishna sings this better than her previous songs. She gives that emotional feel through her voice which is really commendable but somewhere I think she could have toned her voice more. 4/5

Tanmayaladhenu: This is the female version of Paravasha vaadhenu with some subtle changes to the BGMs. It starts with an awe inspiring tune which seems to have rendered from a mouth organ. That itself pulls you into that fantasy world. Shreya Ghosal is perfect, her diction is perfect and she has never even misspelt a word and she also gives that emotion required for the song. Jayanth once again writes top class lyrics for this too and such nice kannada words naturally comes only to this master lyricist.  Sure to be another chartbuster. Deserves a score of 6/5 with an extra mark for Shreya Ghosal's voice. Lyrics to be mentioned " Prathi salaa baagila sadhige yedheyali spandana..teredera beesuva gaalinu heluvudu saanthwaana" and " nenapanu raashi haaku yenisutha kooralenu..kannadiyalli hudukali naa naguvanu"   My rating:  5/5.  

College Gateinalli: This is the song which will rock and be on the tongue of all college goers. Yograj Bhat again gives some extraordinary hilarious lyrics once again. Another most important thing is the wide usage of instruments in this song. Harikrishna seems to have used all the musical instruments available starting from the PEEPI to whatever the music world defines. Such is the variety of this song. Harikrishna has sung this himself and as usual his raw voice gives that much needed kick for such a youthful song. Yograj Bhat explains the life of college students who normally dont take studies seriously and he does it very humorously and also adds that college is a temple. Great lyrics and will be the new anthem for all the youngsters. 4.5/5

On a whole it deserves 4.75/5. All songs are those which can be repeatedly heard again and again. Harikrishna sounding is something different and unique and as Yograj Bhat promised about the quality of the songs when he started the film, he has maintained it and given excellent stuff. A big round of appreciation for Harikrishna, Yograj Bhat and Jayanth Kaikini. You guys have as usual kept the kannada flag in the music department flying high.

A one liner: Parmaathma Haadugalu Super hit aagathe ..mega hit aagathe..YELAARGU GOTHU..YELAARGU GOTHU