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deepa sannidhi, puneeth rajkumar in paramathma

In these days when the Kannada film industry is mirred with several unavoidable controversies  and  being looked to as an insensible conglemorate of people who do not give a damn to gender equity and fairness, there is one silver  lining that has satisfied  the industry personalities and the fans alike.   That is the big  success of a few audio albums released in recent days which have given a new lease of life to almost dead audio market.

The recent example is that of  Puneet Raj Kumar starrer  Paramathma directed by Yogaraj Bhat which has music composition of  Hari Krishna. Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth Kaikini, the top lyric writers in the Kannada film industry have written the lyrics of the film.

“It is not unusual  to hear the success of  two or three songs in an audio containing five songs and some bit songs.  But when we hear opinions that it would be difficult to pick the best song in the album by the fans, then it is dead sure that the audio has become a big hit.

The case of  the topline success of  Paramathma audio once again proves this point.   I always believed that  innovative tuning, fresh and catchy lyrics  and right instrumentation are all necessary ingredients of  good music composition will ensure the success of audios.   Paramathma just reinforces this belief’ says  the film’s director and Lyric writer Yogaraj Bhat.

‘The Paramathma audio is a big hit and it is the happier news in these times. The response has been fantastic and even after five days of the audio release, we are getting repeat orders on daily basis’ says Krishna Prasad,  chief of the Ashwini Media Group which has released the audio.According to Prasad who has released audio albums of two more films including Shivaraj Kumar’s  100th film Jogayya and  Vijay starrer Jarasandha directed by Shashank, there has been an heightened level of interest displayed by Kannada film fans to purchase the audio albums in retain shops in these days.

Yes, Paramathma audio’s  success  has changed the market equations hitherto obtained in the audio market. We are very happy to say that the audio albums of  the musically richer and well marketed  star studded films are now doing exceptionally well in the market. There is certainly a changed atmosphere in the audio market.  Even audio albums of some   small films like  Lifeu Ishtene  and Kanchana are doing well’  says  Mohan of the Anand Audio.  Even the other competitors of the audio market who are now active in obtaining the audio rights also grudgingly admit the big success of  audio albums of Paramathma.

The audio rights of  Paramathma was obtained by paying a whopping  75 lacs.   Even the Jackie audio which was the biggest audio hit last year had fetched around Rs. 45 lcas. But now with the success of the superbly composed audio albums like Paramathma,  Lifeu Ishtene, Jarasandha there is a remarkable change in the market dynamics of  the audio market.