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Apoorva Rai, Vijay Jetti, Ramya Raj

Director Lucky who had earlier directed 'Gaali' which was famous for his double meaning dialogues is back with a new film called 'Raincoat'. This time the triangular love story stars newcomers Vijay Jetti, Apoorva Rai and Ramya Raj and others in prominent roles.

'Raincoat' is ready for release and is likely to release in the month of February. Before that the songs of the film composed by Daniel were released at the The Club in Bangalore by Rakshith Shetty, Censor Chief Nagendra Swamy and others. While Rakshith Shetty released the songs of the film, actress Roopa Nataraj released the trailer of the film.

The trailer of the film is nearly eleven minutes and is full of double meaning dialogues. The trailer has been released to Youtube as well.