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bhavana, sudeep in vishnuvardhana

The most important song of the film Vishnuvardhana produced by Dwarakish Chitra and directed by debutant V.Kumar has been completed on Wednesday,  31st August at the Mysore Lamps factory in Malleshwaram.   The title song is the most important song of the film which briefs about the characterisation of the hero and his strong loyalty to Dada Dr. Vishnuvardhana.  The song picturisation originally planned for four days was extended by a day.  The song was choreographed by well known dance director Harsha.  The lyrics of the film which starts as  1   2   3 Vishnuvardhana has been written by well known lyricist cum director Dr. Nagendra Prasad.

Yogi  Dwarakish said that the song was picturised in  five sets created at Mysore Lamps factory.  Each song had featured Sudeep in totally different costumes dancing with foreign and local dancers brought from Chennai, Mumbai and also from Bengaluru.  'This is an introduction song of our hero. We are also dedicating the song to legendary actor Dr. Vishunvardhana who has stood behind our production company and has been responsible for our revival many  a times.

Whenever we had faced crisis, it was  Vishnu Uncle who brought back the glory of our production company.    With this sentiment we have used this song in the film' says  Yogi who feels happy that the film is able to get the desired title of  Vishnuvardhana.

Two more songs featuring  Sudeep and Bhavana will be picturised from September 9 to 15.  One song will be picturised in outdoor while the other song will be shot in indoor.

Yogi said that work relating to getting the first print of the film within September 18 is in full swing.   "We are planning to have the film censored on September 19 and get the film's release on September 23. If some problems arise, we are sure to release the film a week later.  Vishnuvardhana is a sure fire entertainer which is certain to please the fans of  Dr. Vishnuvardhana and  Sudeep' says Yogi who says both Sudeep and Priyamani have delivered top performances in the film.