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Kalla Malla Sulla is the fourth version of Tamil Hit Charlie Chaplin starring Prabhu and Prabhdeva.  The original and the three versions of the  film in Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam were  big hits. The Kannada version is also likely to be a good money grosser as the foundation of narration is stronger.   KMS takes its narration from the Hindi film No Entry starring Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor.

Kalla Malla wins half the battle from its competent script and the other factors which have ensured the success of the film are the apt casting and right mix of all commercial  ingredients in the film. Ramesh Arvind and Vijaya Raghavendra have put in lot of  efforts to look real in respective characters while Ravichandran's sheer presence in his old style  is enough to attract the audience. Then there is the glamour quotient of  Raagini which  makes a stunning impact among the younger audience.

Kalla Malla Sulla is a laugh riot every  minute of the screening time.

The first half is a little drab, but the second half moves so fast that you will forget every  thing and just sit and enjoy the film. And chances are that you may not sit quietly too.  The film is sure to tick your funny bones to the extent that you will move your body here and there continuously.

K.Manju who has often seen failures on account of wrong choice of scripts and un matched casting  has really done something remarkable in this film.

The technical values have combined very well in the film. Seetharam's camera work and Ales Paul's music compositions have turned out to be value additions for the film.

As earlier said Ramesh Arvind comes out fine with his expressions and comical dialogues more effectively, while Vijaya Raghavendra proves yet again that he is a fine actor.   Raagini is another major attraction of  the film and her performance in the role of  Kushboo is sure to appeal a large section of  viewers.  The Thuppa Thuppa song will be certainly in top of  the charts.

Kalla Malla Sulla is an enjoyable comedy film.  Worth Watching.