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i love you audio released by upendra

Super Star Upendra launched the audio of a new film directed by his Shishya Madhuchandran who had worked with the top actor-director in the film Super.  The title of the film was not announced but it was to be resolved through a puzzle.

Upendra said that he had lot of confidence on the strength of his protege Madhuchandra who had already worked with several well known teleserial directors earlier. He has worked with some well known directors like T.N.Seetharam, Nagathihalli Chadnrashekhar and Yogaraj Bhat.  The film has a lengthy title but the winner who identifies the title will get a prize. The function was held at freedom Park.

Before the launch of audio a contest was held where in the participants were given a key to trace out  the Super Star from the five cells.  Ajith an interested participant won the contest. Upendra said this is the sort of novelty he was looking for from young creative directors.

"I am happy that the entire team of this film has shown so much of passion for film making' said Upendra while releasing the audio.  The audio has five songs and  columnist  Chandrashekhara Alur who has also written dialogues for some television serials has written two song lyrics of the film.

Later addressing a press meet the film's writer and director Madhuchandra said that though the title of the film is a little bit lengthy, the content of the film will be of much interest to the audience.   "To claim that my film is different may look a clich