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ruchita prasad, om prakash rao in Aliya Mane Tholiya Movie

A fun filled film has tapped major portions from Hindi films ‘Laadla’ and ‘Jane Bi Dho Yaaro’. In place of Om Prakash Rao doing the protagonist role had there been a handsome looking youth with comedy sense this would have been tolerable. 

It is taming of the shrew and on toes for a murder for which Om Prakash Rao and Sharan are not a part to it. A dead body with this twosome evokes the rib tickling situations from then on.

The director leaves the audience to understand by passing the scenes without explaining. In the melee he loses control in editing.

For Ruchita Prasad this is a nice role and she had done very well. Sharan takes the major share in the comedy department. Om Prakash Rao should have been how he is in real life on screen. Imitating Ambarish, giving long speeches that too philosophically is a laughing stock.

Two good tunes are there from Rajesh Ramnath. Anaji Nagaraj has done good work but there must be some mistake in the processing of the film. It is a strain to the eyes.

Producer – R. Girishkumar

Screenplay, direction – Nagendra Magadi

Music – Rajesh Ramnath

Camera –Anaji Nagaraj


Cast – Om Prakash Rao, Ruchita Prasad, Sharan, Ganesh Rao, Nikita, Bhavya, Srinivasa Prabhu, Dr.Vijay, Geetha Rao, Kirloskar Satya and others.