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Om Prakash Rao has done it again. He has a superb craftsman in mixing up sequences and storylines of non Kannada films and presenting them as his own film. His recent film Prince produced by Sandesh Nagaraj has a similar technique used, but unfortunately this film is not a match to Om's previous hits like Kalasipalya, Ayya Mandya or even Yodha. The film is just a remix of storylines and sequences of many films including the Ravi Teja and Jyothika starrer Shock directed by Harish Shankar. The reviewer cannot remember all those sequences which has already been seen in several non Kannada films.

Prince is strictly for Darshan fans only as the Kannada audience who are used to see better products in the form of Jackie, Super, Keme Gowda, Olave Mandara, Krishnan Love Story and even Mylari may feel a little disappointed after seeing this film made by an experienced producer like Sandesh Nagaraj and handled by a Veteran like Om Prakash Rao. Darshan's fights and a superb song like Karnataka Bumper Lottery may make it a Paisa Vasool for the Challenging star's fans, but it may not be a good healthy food for general Kannada film audience.

D is good, but there is no spontaneity and consistency seen in other characters. Even the two heroines have been used for glamour quotient, though Niki has some emotional sequences. The sequences in which they are cheated by a Lawyer is just lifted from Shock.

Shobharaj, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash are just monotonous. While the first half has some comedy elements (like Darshan telling Om Prakash Rao that he had given Rs. 5000 for marriage expenses and he has not done anything and the Jennifer interview scene), but in the second half some suspense elements also creep in. But the film does not create any interest in any point of time.

Darshan fans will enjoy the film, but whether the distributors who have purchased the film will recover their investment is anybody's guess.