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mohan, durga shetty in Shuklambaradaram Movie

Mastan’s maiden film is an above average film. The film moves very fast. Although the contents are anticipated how it is narrated is convincing. The load of sentiments, melodrama, action and songs with good photography are well thought. Mastan and his team deserve full compliments.

It is the bond of sister and brother. Mohan the protagonist is ready to sacrifice his life for his sister. Such a pure relationship faces a difficult phase when he (Mohan) behaves shabbily with a person who his sister in love. But this is out of a mistake of someone in the house. The protagonist leaves his sister and starts living in a dilapidated Mantap. The dark cloud passes and a whiff of fresh air passes after a charged melodrama.  

Mohan has given a punching performance. This is the first action for him and he is convincing in the action scenes. The cinematography by B.L.Babu is average. The dialogues and screenplay are the other highlights in the film. Durga Shetty is there to give pep to the film.

A good attempt indeed!

Banner – Horanadu Sri Annapoorneshwari Films

Producer – Kubram Raghunath

Story, direction – Mastan

Screenplay, Dialogue – Mohan

Music - Chandrakanth

Cinematography – B.L.Babu

Cast – Mohan Durga Shetty, Deepa, Sachin Suvarna, Suma Rao, Malathsiri and others.