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Bachchan is a perfect Ugadi gift for Kannada film fans. As promised director Shashank has delivered an action film that is worth the lordly title. Bachchan is commonly used as a term for someone who is taller than average folks and also for high-voltage youth classified as the 'angry young man.' Sudeep embodies the name and spirit behind being Bachchan perfectly. Shashank has managed to craft an engaging story that does not allow you to blink for even a moment once the film starts. Though it is basically an action movie, there is enough of drama, suspense, sentiments, humour and melodies to make it one of the best packaged movies seen in Sandalwood in recent times.

The film opens with an action sequence, a chase scene, which sets new standards for Kannada films. It is comparable to the best chase sequences seen in any Indian movie. Sudeep's character has murdered a police inspector (Ashish Vidyarthi) and a doctor (Nazeer) and the cops are hot on his heels. He is however arrested while making his escape. Jagapati Babu plays the investigation officer. Sudeep recounts why he killed these two. The two characters of Ashish Vidyarthi and Nazeer are very interesting and throughout the first half, their antics keeps the audience hooked. A honest realtor, Sudeep, is troubled by these two persons who are eccentric to the hilt. They are responsible for the death of his lover Parul Yadav. Along with this, Ravishankar's histrionics, Tulip's glamour and the comedy elements of Bullet Prakash and Sadhu Kokila make the first half an very engrossing watch.

In the second half, the story turns upside down with different versions of what really happened in the first half coming to light. As Jagapati Babu continues his investigation, the truth emerges. But is it really the truth? Is Parul Yadav the real lover of the protagonist? What is Bhavana's role? Who is really cheating whom? All these questions are answered in the second half.

The entire film is studded with some very good action sequences. Sudeep's performance comes to the fore in scenes where he is required to portray that 'angry young man' image. He does it so convincingly that you are left in no doubt that he is already in the front of the line for a best actor award. For fans of Sudeep, it is no doubt a treat and multiple visits to the theatres is a foregone conclusion.

The other heroes of the film are cinematographer Shekar Chandra. There is not a single frame in the film that is out of place. Many times you wonder where he managed to squeeze the camera to capture some of the amazing shots. Shashank has finally proved to be a good director of action films. Jarasandha did not do too well and there was a chance of him being branded good for only soft sentimental films. But with Bachchan he has proved he too has an angry young man inside him.

The music by V Harikrishna is good and complements the film well. However, the songs are not topping the charts. A couple of chartbuster numbers would have added to the film's surefire success. This summer, Bachchan will no doubt set the trail blazing and any film that comes up to meet the challenge better be very good.

The film makers have dedicated the film to RG Vijayasarathi, jounalist, critic and actor who passed awar earlier this year. RGV was writing to chitraloka