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Director A.M.R.Ramesh is known for making realistic films basing on the incidents that had occurred.  This time he has come out with a film on Forest Brigand Veerappan who tormented the people, forest  and  police department officials. The film is a Biopic on Veerappan though the film maker mentions it as a imaginary story in the titles.  But the incidents that had occurred are shown on the screen with details about place and date of occurrence.

Attahasa stands out for its superb commercial values like rich and perfect background score, of Sandeep Chowta, camera work by Vijay Milton and the brilliant work which creates an aura of naturality. Ramesh's dialogues are crisp and the characters look quite natural. The film captivates you through the pace of narration. But  the film does not present a true picture of the incidents, but everything is made to look in Veerappan's perspective in the first half and  Tamil Police officers perspective in second half. No where the heroics of  Karnataka Police officers like Subhash Bharani, Jyothi Prakash Mirji, Gopal Hosur (actually he shot Veerappan which should be proved fatal, but the brigand was lucky as bullet passed a c.m. away from his ear), B.B.Ashok Kumar, Kempaiah and many other daring officers. But you do not find any activities of the Karnataka Police officers being portrayed on screen.  The director has forgotten the hard work done by Shankar Bidari and others.

Another disappointment is that the whole kidnap incident of  Dr. Raj Kumar  and its aftermath has not been properly portrayed.  The release of Govindaraju from Veerappan which was the beginning step of  Dr. Raj's release does not find any mention in the film.

Attahasa is marked by some great performances of  Kishor, Arjun, Ravi Kale and minister C.P.Yogeeshwar (who plays Shakeel Ahmed's role) and many others.  Muththulakshmi's face and body is shown blurred in major portions of the film. Lakshmi Rai has very little to do the film.  But its longer running time  is shortened and unnecessary sequences need to be chopped off.

Still Attahasa is one film that any cine buff can not afford to miss.  Its technical values are on top, performances are too good.