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Rider Movie Review,
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Film: Rider

Director: Vijay Kumar Konda

Cast: Nikhil Kumar, Kashmira Pardeshi, Garuda Ram, Achyutha Kumar, Chikkanna

Duration: 145 minutes

Chitraloka Rating - 4/5 

Every person is on a journey whether he/she likes it or not. In that sense, every person is a rider. The destiny of the journey however is filled with uncertainty, drama and unforseen circumstances. This is in gist, the underlying idea and philosophy narrated in a commercial film by director Vijay Kumar Konda. Though it has an ensemble cast of actors, the story mainly revolves around the romance of the lead actors.

Childhood friends are separated and grow up in different places. But destiny plays a role in bringing them together when they grow up. What the heavens foresee and how love hold true in their lives forms the rest of the story. This journey is aided by interesting twists and turns that takes the audience on a thrilling ride for two and a half hours.

Chinnu and Kitty are separated when they are taken away from the orphanage where they are growing up. Growing up, they pine for their childhood friendship but have no way of knowing where the other is. It is interesting to note that this is not a hero-centric narrative. The leading lady, played by newcomer Kashmira Pardeshi has a role that matches the hero's in duration, detail and importance. The director has also managed to create some interesting characters. The one played by Chikkanna stands out.

Rider is an out-and-out romantic film. Every plot twist and story telling trick that interests audience in a commercial film is used. That does not mean the film is predictable. Even a straight-forward love story can have a plot that can provide a thrilling experience. That is where this film succeeds. We all know that the hero and heroine must meet and fulfill their destiny. How it is narrated is what matters. The director manages to hold this suspense long enough for all entertainment elements including songs and fights are packed into the narrative.

Performance wise, Nikhil Kumar is looking better with each passing film and his performance in Rider clearly shows he can stand his own now in Sandalwood. Good performances keeps the film's ride engaging. The narrative seems to be a bit slow in some places but they are adequately made up due to the good performances of all actors.

Rider is not just a tiime pass film, it is a romantic story that will warm the hearts of audience. Go for it.

=Review By S Shyam Prasad