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Premam Poojyam Movie Review, Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5
Premam Poojyam Movie Image

Film: Premam Poojyam

Duration: 173.33 minutes 

Certificate: U/A 

Cast: Prem Kumar, Brinda Acharya, Sadhu Kokila, Aindrita Ray, Master Anand, Avinash, TS Nagabharana 

Director: Raghavendra BS

Stars: 3.5/5 

The teaser and trailer of this movie made this one of the most expected Kannada movies this year. This is also Nainapirali Prem's 25th movie, making it a landmark for the actor. A lot was riding on this movie in terms of hopes and hype surrounding it. The film delivers on its promise. 

From the breathtaking cinematography of Naveen Kumar to the crisp scissor hands of Harish Komme, the emotionally charged performances led by Prem and a romantic drama that tries to be a fairytale, Premam Poojyam is a film for the family.

More than anyone else, it looks like Prem has put his heart and soul in this film. He is not only refreshing and amazing in acting but also renders a soulful acting performance. As an youthful and energetic medical student, a charming lover boy and a medical professional, he fits the bill perfectly. 

The story takes place in a 20-year timeline. From Srihari completing his PUC in a Mandya village to securing a Medical seat after trumping CET to falling in love with a Malnad Catholic in medical college, the first half the film is a very beautiful journey in the picturesque locales of Himalayas and all the other beautiful places of India. 

While you enjoy the beauty of the first half, be prepared for the drama and twists in the second half. Anyone with college in their minds can relate to these situations. 

Overall Premam Poojyam is a film with a beautiful heart and an even better soul. Watch it for Prem.