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shivarjuna movie review
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Yuva Samrat Chiranjeevi Sarja returns with his third venture for the year with yet another commercial potboiler with the only purpose, which is to entertain the audience. Produced by Manjula Shivarjun, the venture is spearheaded by well known senior production manager in Sandalwood for decades, Shivarjun. It is directed by Shiva Tejass.

As the makers say that Shivarjuna has nothing different but is made with a sole object to cater to the audience who love simple films which are high on family drama with sufficient action and comedy packed in it.

Talking about the story, it is about the heads of two villages, who are at loggerheads and blood thirsty against each other. The first half is jam-packed with humour mainly starring Sadhu Kokila as an Ayuverdic doctor. Apart from his onscreen charm, he has even done the background music while his son Surag composing the songs for this one.

Chiranjeevi Sarja plays his yet another new avatar, steering the show along with a huge cast of actors for a fun ride including K R Pete Shivaraj, Nayana and Amrutha Iyengar. In fact, it is Amrutha's third release for the year too.

Avinash and Ravi Kishan, as the two village heads does justice to the characters and whereas Thara and her son give the story a family spin to the drama. All in all, the simple story with good amount of commercial elements makes Shivarjuna a great watch for an enjoyable entertainment on the big screen.