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sagutha doora doora movie review
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There have been numerous movies made revolving around the motherly sentiment, right from the early days of cinemas. And, every time the genre works wonders for its genuineness. Director Ravi Teja spins the same with a different touch to it by involving a boy and another person, who share a common goal, which is to meet the boy's mother.

Along with an impressive cast, the maker projects the emotional journey of the kid and the relentless efforts in meeting the mother. The pain of separation between the child and the mother is showcased in an effective manner with the necessary twists and turns, a story of this nature requires.

Without a penny in their pockets, the two seek for help from various corners right from an auto rickshaw driver to lorry drivers and even an army man. To make it interesting the older one faces murder charges. Ashik Arya as the kid and Mahesh are the highlight of this sentimental saga. Whereas, Usha Bhandari as mother, and Apeksha Purohit along with others deliver justice to their concerned characters.

Plus the background voice of Dr. V Nagendra Prasad, and two songs makes this one a good watch for those who thrive for good old stories high on emotions especially involving mothers. Will the boy finds his mother? Do watch it to  experience the tale of a special bond on the big screen with good performances and marking.