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gentleman movie review
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It's a sixer! Yes, it's a definite sixer for Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj for his outstanding performance as a man suffering from sleeping disorder. That's not all, the Jadesh Kumar's unique tale has lot more than just a sleeping man but someone who takes on human trafficking amidst his weakness to stay awake for just 6 hours a day.

Truly a different kind of attempt, Guru Deshpande's debut production sets an example for its content, performance backed will good making. Gentleman comes with a standard of its own with several layers of emotions ending high on entertainment.

Unlike the usual run of the mill content glorifying heroism, Gentleman talks volume about the importance for a great content such as an ordinary person coping up with life despite suffering 'sleeping beauty' syndrome. It is this ordinary person who connects with the audience.

In between, there is a cute love story of a beautiful dietitian played by Nishvika and that of the sleeping man. Whereas, on the other hand, the makers effectively deal with an entirely new scam over female egg-trafficking scam.

It is undoubtedly Prajwal who shines, hitting a sixer after a pretty long time, and Nishvika who yet again proves to be a beautiful performer. The child artist and the rest of the casting elevate the experience.

Music by Ajaneesh Loknath plays along with the excellent script, another strength of Gentleman. One of the finest films in the recent past, Gentleman is a must watch for the fans of good cinema, and especially those who constantly complain Kannada film industry for lagging behind in giving good content.