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khakii review, chitraloka rating 3.5
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A majority of Kannada movies these days are no longer just about typical commercial mass masalas with regular stories, as films like Khakii are making their mark with a blend of social concern wrapped along with entertainment.

Director Naviin Reddy B, who turns an independent director after 16 years of experience in the industry, has successfully dealt burgeoning corruption and lackadaisical attitude of a certain section of members in the police department.

The movie revolves around a common man, who works as a cable operator. Khakii takes a serious turn when an honest policewoman dies in an accident and a corrupt one replaces her, creating havoc for the local residence. How the protagonist with the help of a few take it upon themselves to fight against the evil and corrupt system is the crux of Khakii

To do so, a parallel police system becomes evident. Naviin Reddy does it with freshness and innovative approach added with necessary commercial elements to keep the audience engaged. In between, there is a cute love story with the presence of beautiful Tanya Hope. She is more than a beauty quotient, and it is Chiranjeevi Sarja who makes the most out of this decent tale.

The sensible story is backed with good technical team with not many visible discrepancies to point out. Khakii is worth a watch for its honesty and the fight it puts out against the prevailing corrupt system in our society.