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alidhu ulidavaru movie review
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Seems like it is all about suspense for sandalwood for the past few weeks with back to back movies haunting the audience. Arvind Shastry blends this latest suspense thriller with a touch of fine illusion and grades of a story of its kind.

Sheelam played by producer turned actor Ashu Bedra, is a television journalist who hosts a popular show which has successfully completed 99 episodes. Ashu along with Sangeetha Bhat is impressive on the screen. It is all about disproving paranormal activities and presenting it in an interesting manner to the audience.

While on the outset, Alidu Ulidavaru sounds like any other haunted tale, but it is the making and the surprising twists which differs it from the usual lot.

Moving ahead with the tale, Sheelam is in search of a different story to mark his 100 th episode. This is when he is challenged by the character played by Pawan Kumar, to disprove that his bungalow given to by his father is not haunted. In between, the physiological thriller has shades of romance before it gears up for all the action in the bungalow.

The beauty lies in the unpredicted twists which the director frames it pretty well when it all seems very much predictable. Horror, suspense and illusion is mixed to perfection which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

After the television anchor is 'found dead', what follows next with an investigation over the haunted reality makes Alidu Ulidavaru one of the finest in the recent past. Thriving for the best in suspense which had a psychological edge? Then Alidu Ulidavaru is what you should watch at a theatre near you.