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mundina nildana movie review
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A famous American author says, "Embrace the glorious mess that you are." Indeed, life is a beautiful mess and the relationships are another facet of it, and so is Vinay Bharadwaj's 'Mundina Nildana' which deals with various complexities of life through the prisms of three different characters - Partha, Meera and Ahana.

In other words, it is a reflection of the majority of present generation youth, their perception towards their journey in life towards a destination of their own with many stops altering the course of it.

The first thing which impresses 'Mundina Nildana' which means the next stop or the destination, is the quality of its making. With the sound technical support and the best in the field behind the making of it, it is a 'reel treat' to experience the beautiful saga on life with a distinctive journey on the silver screen. Seven soothing songs with a pleasing background score elevates the journey to another level.

The protagonist, Partha played by the talented Praveen Tej, is a software engineer whose real passion is photography. Whereas, Radhika Narayan as Meera is an art curator who is looking for a soul mate and and Ahana, a medical student who has dream set to become a cancer specialist. She is fun loving with no heart for commitments. The journey takes off with Partha sharing his life's journey around Meera and Ahana.

Now, a photographer, Partha is at a stage where he has to decide on moving on with the life and his goal set on a new journey. There is more to it than just the three lives, as Mundina Nildana is a celebration of life, relationships and much more. Make sure your next stop is at a theatre near you which is screening Mundina Nildana from this Friday.