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ellidhe illitanaka review
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The title of this movie which is inspired out of evergreen song 'Ellidde Illi Tanaka' featuring popular actor Lokesh from the movie Ellindalo Bandavaru, fits perfectly as everyone will now start seeking to know from talking star Srujan Lokesh on where was he till now! 

Made under Lokesh productions banner, Thejasvi has delivered hilarious as well as a feel good entertainment with lots of fun and drama for the audience to talk about. In a tailor-made script for Srujan Lokesh, which showcases him in his actual avatar in real life as a fun-loving guy with humor at his best, Ellidde Illi Tanaka is a treat for those who love clean comedy mixed with some decent entertainment.

While Srujan keeps the humor going, it is Hariprriya who steals the show with yet another sensible character. It makes the audience fall in love with her portrayal of Nandini's character on screen.

Like all good comedy, this one is simple and talks about a few characters who encounter each other in unavoidable situations evoking laughter. 

Srujan as Surya is a rich guy with a couple of good friends. He comes to India to live a carefree life for a year but challenging circumstances leads him to Nandini. He instantly falls in love with a girl who dislikes anyone who lies! The escapades of Surya to win Nandini's heart is a joyous journey which ends on a serious note.

Loaded with a light hearted drama, Ellidde Illi Tanaka is a great watch for some real fun with a feel good factor. Srujan certainly reminds of his father with his impeccable timing and versatility. Go grab a ticket at a theater near you for a lovely fun filled family entertainer.