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nishkarsha movie review
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One of sandalwood's finest heist-thriller - Nishkarsha which completes 25 years, is back in the digital format with better picture quality and sound, and the rest remains unchanged with an experience of a lifetime on the silver screen from the maverick filmmaker, Sunil Kumar Desai.

Produced by actor turned politician B C Patil, a first from his home banner Srushti Films, has now re-released the film to celebrate 25 years of the film since it was first released in the year 1993, which is a class apart, for various special reasons.

At a time when romance and drama ruled the industry, Sunil Kumar Desai struck another gold after Tarka. It was a different experience for the audience back then as Nishkarsha is a complete action thriller with no songs or dance, which was till then a must in the movies.

The digital format has done justice to the original film without disturbing the real essence and gives today's audience a golden opportunity to feel the experience from the past which has stood the test of time. This is another reason why the film has been one of the hot favourites for television screening till date.

For the present generation audience who would have missed the action on TV, this one is inspired by a Hollywood action thriller but Sunil Kumar Desai adapted it with a completely new dimension to it. The credit goes to B C Patil, who had not only dared to produce such a movie which was a challenge by itself with the making but also featuring in the antagonist's role. 

Another reason to watch Nishkarsha on the big screen is because of the huge star cast, starting from Sahasasimha Dr. Vishnuvardhan who played the role of a Commando is simply one of the best in his career. Others including the versatile Anant Nag, B C Patil, Suman Nagarkar, Ramesh Bhat and others are a treat to watch.

Everyone has a favourite scene from the movie, be it the pigeon scene where Vishnuvardhan as Commando switches over to action, the elevator scenes, the hostage drama and so on. So, watch your favourite one from the movie at a theatre near you in digital avatar and celebrate 25 years of Nishkarsha.