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Ganesh in Gimmick Movie

Horror continues to haunt sandalwood, as one more devil/evil spirit hits the screen. This time, it's a golden one. Ganesh, who is usually seen as the lover boy, who makes the audience fall in love, feel the pain of it and eventually sacrifice, returns with a scary act.

Ganesh as Ganesh in 'Gimmick', is quite different from his usual avatar but his die-hard fans will not miss his signature act. In here, circumstances lead him to come across a beautiful girl played by Ronica Singh, and what follows thereafter is the crux of this 'golden horror' film all about.

The script is another highlight which does the trick (gimmick) by mixing it up with fine elements of horror and comedy in right proportion. While regular love stories, it is the villians who pose threats, but this one has supernatural elements filling in such boots!

For any horror venture, it is the visual effects (VFX) and the background score which plays a vital role, and the makers of Gimmick have left no stone unturned in giving the best experience of horror on screen.

It is again Ganesh who shoulders the entire film with his wit, romance and an additional 'scary' act this time. The rest of the cast from Ravishankar Gowda, Shivraj, Mandya Ramesh and others fit the bill.

Will Ganesh manage to get his girl by fighting against the evil spirit marks an entertaining watch. A definite treat for the ones who simply love 'horror' with decent story and fine acting. Go get scared in the colour of gold!

Chitraloka Rating 3.5/ 5*