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Santhosh Manu, Prakruthi in one love 2 story movie

A love story with a different narrative marks the debut of another talented director in the sandalwood. Vashista Bantanur, has picked up a youthful subject by mixing it with romance and all the essential ingredients needed for a commercial potboiler. The team mostly comprises of new talents including the lead actor Santhosh due to which it breathes freshness on the screen.

The one love 2 story is in fact about two couples and their journey together in different phases. Meanwhile, there exists another plot which has an unusual connection with that of the main love story. While it seems like a typical love story, the filmmaker has added newness into it, which deserves appreciation for being one of its kind. This is why it does not fall into any particular genre, and goes to to question the set principles of commercial film making.

While it is the story which holds the key, the making of it is pretty decent too, especially considering that it is the work of a completely new team.

The other highlights is the Hangover song sung by actor Vashista Simha, and another which is penned by Simple Suni and sung by Sanjith Hegde. Also, Santhosh, a techie and a die hard fan of power star Puneeth Rajkumar, makes his debut and proves out to be a promising talent. One film with many positive take away which prompts for a good one time watch.

Chitraloka Rating 3/ 5*